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Donesimi.com shall:

• deliver the consignments to the address specified by the customer Bulgaria
• refer to items with due diligence
• not to disclose personal data collected during the execution of the service
• comply with the terms specified in sections with pricing
• comply with the legislation of all countries on the territory of which operates
• report to relevant authorities for information about violations of the laws
• to notify customers when a change in general conditions of use of services Donesimi.com
• advise clients on arrival in their shipment to the address in London.

Customer shall:

• to pay all amounts due on Donesimi.com services under the terms of use.
• Do not send items prohibited by the laws of the countries to which they are located in every moment of their transportation.
• provide accurate information about their personal data in accordance with regulations.
• at any time by using the services of Donesimi.com be subject to compliance with the "General Conditions" and "General conditions for acceptance and delivery of items"

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