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Once arrived at our warehouse, your item is identified (insert sender, measure the weight and dimensions), then the consignment is captured once, without being opened.

The resulting package is marked with a consecutive letter of the Latin alphabet. (Examples in point D).

For your convenience, our assistant can enter on your consignment note (example - if the shipment is damaged appearance).

In the Personal notes (my box> Personal notes) you can enter any text that would help you further your work with the shipment (example - a description of the shipment would facilitate you in identifying and in the event that your mail There are many items box). In the "Full price" described the pricing of services (insurance, additional shooting, etc.. Special requirements). When the weight to a red asterisk (*), this means that the dimensional weight exceeds the actual shipment. Of pricing is taken the greater value between the physical volume and weight.

If you choose your package to be insured, enter the amount you would like to insure. The insurance covers the cost if the shipment is lost. Insurance is not paid in case of failure, as an intermediary between you and the seller and can not guarantee what condition are shipped items.

In order to better control your package, offers additional services such as capturing images of 3 additional fee of 2 GBP (each item is captured once - externally free) or 6 shooting photos for 3 GBP. If for some reason you want to return it to sender, this can be done by selecting Return to sender requirements Special menu.

In the event that your mailbox is junk you arrived shipment, you can order it to be destroyed, as this service does not pay a fee (eg brochures from a store that is shopped, etc.). For all other cases not listed as a separate menu option, you can use the special requirements field. Here you can describe exactly what you'd like to meet with our staff received in your mailbox item. (Example - You have received a laptop that you would like to try before you forward to Bulgaria. Our assistant will open a consignment check your computer, and then wrap it again and will write the result in box with comments in your account.). The fee for this service is 10 GBP. If you wish to send items to an address other than that you use in the registration box shipping address.

The address is valid only for that item and does not affect your default address. All other items will be sent to your address by default unless you specify differently. All packages are sent automatically at the end of each week.
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