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1. How the service works?

The service that provides includes:

• after you register online, you get a delivery address in London, UK, to which you can send all your packages ordered from online stores or seller;

• we delliver your packages from that address to address chosen by you in Bulgaria or you can pick-up your packages from office of Econt in BUlgaria.

2. Why do I need an UK address?

Because of the bigger competition between traders and manufacturers in Western Europe, the online trade is getting more stronger. The services such as,, and others are sometimes more favourable than the same goods offered in Bulgaria. Not alll websites and traders ship outside United Kingdom, or if they do, the prices for shipping is quite high.

With the registration in you'll get a delivery address you can use for your online shopping. Most of the sellers in UK ship free to United Kingdom. We will deliver your packages to anywhere in Bulgaria.

3. What should I do to buy something online?

To buy something online usually you should:

• choose the online store you like (examples here),

• check the payment options accepted by the seller

• if you have everything requested (payment card or paypal with the necessery ammount), you should pay the seller the ammount of the product + delivery to London,

• as delivery address you should fill the address you received from (it's generated automatically after registration together with yourt personal ID. You can find it in "Inbox">"My Addresses")

4. How long does it take to get my package after it was ordered online?

1. In order to receive your package it should first arrive from the Online store you chose to our warehouse in UK. It is normal to take between 2-5 days to be delivered to the UK addres depending on the sellers speed and conditions.

2. After the parcel arrives at's address (in England), you'll receive an e-mail with information that you have received the parcel in UK and at this point you can check your account and see more details about the package. The data there is primary and is calculated by machines so it's not accurate. Therefore the packages are re-checked once they arrive in Bulgaria and corrected if necessery.

3. After you check your profile you can declaire the content, make an insurance for it, change delivery addres and others.

4. When your package arrives in Bulgaria it's rechecked, combined with the rest of your packages if you have any others and handed to Ekont for delivery to your chosen address. 

5. What should I use the service for?

The service is suitable for online shopping from UK stores for:

• clothes, shoes, kids toys

• laptops, phones, photo cameras

• specialised professional tools

• auto-parts

• motorcycles, scooters, ATV

6. How do I pay for the provided services?

Payment of the service happens at the moment you receive the package from the courier. You can pay for the package in advance by adding funds to your balance or cash when receive it. 

If you use the option "Assisted purchase" in which we order and pay for your products with our accounts, you have to add funds to your account in full ammount in advance.

7. How much the registration and the transportation service cost?

The registration is free..

The delivery is calculated as per the Prices tab in the site.

1,5 GBP per KG.
1.2 GBP for every package (NORSK tax)
delivery in Bulgaria depending on the courier

8. May I insure my package against lost?

9. May I insure my package against damages?

10. Does have the right to open my packages?

11. What I CAN'T transport with

12. May I use to receive financial documents?

15. Does issue a commercial invoices?

16. How to order from eBay?

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